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June 13, 2012

Beware The Blinders of Certainty ~ They Block Vision & Insight

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Tidbits of Wisdom from The Little House of Diva’s
BEWARE the ” Blinders of Certainty “, they keep us from truly learning at times & being truly educated, they keep us from being able to make accurate assessments & decissions of discernment with regard to others & the world around us.

Definition of DISCERNMENT ~ (1) the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure; skill in discerning (2) an act of perceiving or discerning something

Many people walk around with “blinders” on; “blinders” are meant to be on horses, to keep their focus on the view that is directly in front of them, they block peripheral & rear vision; which is precisely why they were made for horses and …not humans. When wearing blinders one cannot see what’s going on around them or behind them, it limits the view to strictly what is in front of them (the obvious, the surface) and no more.

Consider:   how well would that work out if you were driving a car with blinders on & no rear view mirror ?

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Synonyms: wisdom, insight, perception, perceptiveness, perceptivity, sagaciousness, sagacity, sageness, sapience

Synonym Discussion of DISCERNMENT
DISCERNMENT, DISCRIMINATION, PERCEPTION, PENETRATION, INSIGHT, ACUMEN mean a power to see what is not evident to the average mind. DISCERNMENT stresses accuracy (as in reading character or motives or appreciating art) <the discernment to know true friends>. DISCRIMINATION stresses the power to distinguish and select what is true or appropriate or excellent <the discrimination that develops through listening to a lot of great music>. PERCEPTION implies quick and often sympathetic discernment (as of shades of feeling) <a novelist of keen perception into human motives>. PENETRATION implies a searching mind that goes beyond what is obvious or superficial <lacks the penetration to see the scorn beneath their friendly smiles>. INSIGHT suggests depth of discernment coupled with understanding sympathy <a documentary providing insight into the plight of the homeless>. ACUMEN implies characteristic penetration combined with keen practical judgment <a director of reliable box-office acumen>. Excerpt from online Merriam-Webster website.

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